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Während des Studiums wird Joyce zufällig bei einem Straßen-Casting entdeckt und spielt 2005 für mehrere Folgen in der Serie Unter uns (seit 1994) mit. Esther invites the king and Haman to a banquet she has prepared for the next day. Gemeinsam mit ihren Kollegen Julian "Julez" Weißbach und Luke Mockridge moderiert sie von 2014 bis 2016 dann auch den YouTube- Channel Snoozzze. Ihre erste große Serienrolle ergattert Joyce 2007. [1] In the narrative, Ahasuerus seeks a new wife after his queen, Vashti, refuses to obey him, and Esther is chosen for her beauty. Because the Hebrew Bible's version of Esther's story contains neither prayers nor even a single reference to God, Greek redactors apparently felt compelled to give the tale a more explicit religious orientation, alluding to "God" or the "Lord" fifty times. The fourteenth day of Adar is celebrated with the giving of charity, exchanging foodstuffs, and feasting. Although these interpretations originally may have been composed in Hebrew, they survive only in Greek texts. "The Septuagint edition of Esther contains six parts (totaling 107 verses) not found in the Hebrew Bible. Her story provides a traditional background for Purim, which is celebrated on the date given in the story for when Haman's order was to go into effect, which is the same day that the Jews killed their enemies after the plan was reversed. History records that Xerxes was married to Amestris, not, sfn error: no target: CITEREFWind1940–1941 (, "Typology, sexuality and the Renaissance Esther", "Esther (Hebrew, אֶסְתֵּר; Greek, Εσθήρ)", "Ancient synagogues in Bar'am and Capernaum", "The Samaritan Version of the Esther Story", Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, "Esther before Ahasuerus c. 1546-7 by Jacopo Tintoretto (1519-94)". She tells the king she will reveal her request at the banquet. [37], Esther is commemorated as a matriarch in the Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod on May 24. [6][e], Abraham Yahuda conjectured in 1946 that, particularly in light of the Persian setting, the first syllable of 'Esther' (es-) must reflect the Persian word for myrtle, ās (سآ)), and therefore her name was the Persian equivalent of "Hadassah" with both meaning myrtle. Haman, instead of requesting that Mordecai be hanged, is ordered to take Mordecai through the streets of the capital on the Royal Horse wearing the Royal Robes. 338K likes. [15], Because the text lacks any references to known events, some historians believe that the narrative of Esther is fictional, and the name Ahasuerus is used to refer to a fictionalized Xerxes I, in order to provide an aetiology for Purim. When Mordecai (who had stationed himself in the street to advise Esther) refuses to bow to him, Haman pays King Ahasuerus 10,000 Silver Talents for the right to exterminate all of the Jews in Ahasuerus' kingdom. Even as she advances to the highest position of the harem, perfumed with myrrh and allocated certain foods and servants, she is under strict instructions from Mordecai, who meets with her each day, to conceal her Jewish origins. According to Susan Zaeske, by virtue of the fact that Esther used only rhetoric to convince the king to save her people, the story of Esther is a "rhetoric of exile and empowerment that, for millennia, has notably shaped the discourse of marginalized peoples such as Jews, women, and African Americans", persuading those who have power over them. [13], Esther, cousin of Mordecai, was a member of the Jewish community in the Exilic Period who claimed as an ancestor Kish, a Benjamite who had been taken from Jerusalem into captivity. Haman is also instructed to yell, "This is what shall be done to the man whom the king wishes to honour!". [24], Given the great historical link between Persian and Jewish history, modern day Persian Jews are called "Esther's Children". [i][j][k] Some historians additionally argue that, because the Persian kings did not marry outside of seven Persian noble families, it is unlikely that there was a Jewish queen Esther and that in any case the historical Xerxes's queen was Amestris. After Haman is put to death, Ahasuerus gives Haman's estate to Esther. Bekannt wurde Joyce Ilg mit ihrer Rolle als Saskia Brunner in der deutschen Soap Dahoam is Dahoam. After building the gallows, Haman goes to the palace in the middle of the night to wait for the earliest moment he can see the king. Kayas Woche (seit 2014) wirkt sie regelmäßig als Comedian mit. One regards the principles governing phonological shifts in Semitic loadwords. Den hatte Joyce 2017 beim Synchronsprechen für den Film Emojis kennengelernt. Haman casts lots, Purim, using supernatural means, and sees that the thirteenth day of the Month of Adar is a fortuitous day for the genocide. [14], The Jews established an annual feast, the feast of Purim, in memory of their deliverance. He also thought that the Hebrew name was to be linked to an Akkadian word meaning 'bride' (ḫadašatu) which happens to be an epithet often attached to the Babylonian goddess. Heute posiert die sympathische Kölnerin voller Selbstvertrauen und Lebensfreude für ihren Instagram-Kanal sowie Print- und Plakatwerbung und begeistert ihre Fans mit ihrer positiven Ausstrahlung auf YouTube, bei Moderationen und in Werbefilmen. In der ersten Zeit kann sie vor Schmerzen nicht schlafen. Ihre Fans kennen Joyce Ilg als humorvolle Frohnatur. After Mordecai saves the king's life, Haman the Agagite is made Ahasuerus' highest adviser, and orders that everyone bow down to him. Youtuberin, Schauspielerin, Entertainerin, Moderatorin The Heilspiegel Altarpiece by Konrad Witz depicts Esther appearing before the king to beg mercy for the Jews, despite the punishment for appearing without being summoned being death. Für diese Rolle zieht die Kölnerin extra nach München. A building venerated as being the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai is located in Hamadan, Iran,[25] although the village of Kfar Bar'am in northern Israel also claims to be the burial place of Queen Esther. The story of Esther is also made reference to in chapter 28 of 1 Meqabyan, a book considered canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. [citation needed], Contemporary viewers would probably have recognized a similarity between the faint and the motif of the Swoon of the Virgin, which was very common in depictions of the Crucifixion of Jesus. [32] Joyce findet einen Weg, die Schauspielerei mit der Fotografie zu verbinden indem sie Schauspielkollegen für deren Agenturseiten fotografiert. Inzwischen gehört ihr Kanal Joyce mit 1,2 Mio Abonnenten zu den beliebtesten Kanälen in Deutschland. Sogar ihre besten Freunde amüsieren sich über die Stützhilfe. [18] That being said, many Jews and Christians believe the story to be a true historical event, especially Persian Jews who have a close relationship to Esther. Von nun an spielt sie in der Fernsehserie Dahoam is Dahoam (2007–2009) eine der Hauptrollen. [9][f], In 1986 Ran Zadok dismissed the etymological correlation between Babylonian Ishtar and Esther on two grounds. ):, Christian female saints from the Old Testament, People celebrated in the Lutheran liturgical calendar, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2020, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the New International Encyclopedia, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 07:47. Following Esther's coronation, Mordecai learns of an assassination plot by Bigthan and Teresh to kill King Ahasuerus. "[38] These additions to Esther in the Apocrypha were added approximately in the second or first century BCE.[39][40]. That Esther shares bed and board with a gentile king, and the book itself makes no mention of God may have contributed to early Jewish doubts about its canonicity. Die lebenslustige Joyce kennt nicht nur die Sonnenseiten des Lebens. Die Serie wird ein echter Quotenhit und Joyce als Franziska Brunner deutschlandweit bekannt. All diese Gerüchte bestätigte Joyce jedoch nie. Darüber hinaus muss sie täglich Spottkommentare über sich ergehen lassen. [10][g] Zadok then ventured an alternative derivation, suggesting that the only plausible etymology would be from the Old Iranian word for 'star' (ستاره (setāre)), usually transcribed as stara, cognate with Greek ἀστήρ (astér as in 'astronomy'),[h] the word Hellenistic Jews used to interprete her name. Conversely, Rabbi Jehoshua maintained that Esther was her original name, and that she was called Hadassah (myrtle) in Hebrew because she had an (olive-)green complexion. As it was the custom to eat on reclining couches, it appears to the king as if Haman is attacking Esther. [17], Christian references to the book are rare in the writings of the Eastern Church Fathers, and had only marginal importance for several centuries in that tradition. Esther[a] is described in all versions[b] of the Book of Esther as the Jewish queen of a Persian king Ahasuerus. The Hebrew form 'str in Esther cannot represent Akkadian Ištar for neo-Akkadian borrowings into Aramaic conserve the original š rather than altering it to 's', as would be the case here were the two linked. Auf ihren Kanälen gibt Joyce sich stets sympathisch und nahbar, ihr Privatleben hält der YouTube-Star jedoch weitestgehend von der Öffentlichkeit fern. Hebrew hadassah is the feminine form of the word for myrtle,[3][c] a plant that has a resonance with the idea of hope. Auch in Geht’s noch?! Doch der vernünftige Part in ihr beschließt, das angefangene Studium durchzuziehen und so geht Joyce 2009 schließlich zurück nach Köln. Mit dem Diplom in der Tasche spielt die hübsche Brünette in verschiedenen TV-Serien mit, darunter in der Serie Unser Charly (2011) und bei der Sat.1-Produktion Dani Lowinski (2011; mit Annette Frier und Jan Sosniok). It was a common Jewish practice in antiquity, attested especially in the Book of Daniel (1:7) and I Maccabees (2:2-5), to have not only a Hebrew name but also one redolent of pagan connotations. According to the Bavli (Megillah 13a), Rabbi Nehemiah thought her second name was a heteronym used by Gentiles, based on אסתהר ( 'īstəhăr), the morning star Venus,[4] an association preserved by Yalkut Shimoni (1053:7) and in Targum Sheni. Das Nebeneinkommen passt ihr ganz gut, denn so kann sie ihr Studium finanzieren. [20], Abraham Kuyper notes some "disagreeable aspects" to her character: that she should not have agreed to take Vashti's place, that she refrained from saving her nation until her own life was threatened, and that she carries out bloodthirsty vengeance.[21]. Leith writes however that her name is 'cognate with Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war, "Today there is general agreement that it is essentially a work of fiction, the purpose of which was to justify the Jewish appropriation of an originally non-Jewish holiday. This required him to hypothesize that behind ās lay an earlier old Iranian word, *aça (as(s)a) meaning 'myrtle', which would be reproduced in a conjectural Medic form *astra, preserved in the Hebrew name אסתר. Mordecai tells Esther, who tells the king in the name of Mordecai, and he is saved. Die Woche und ich (seit 2015) stellt sie erneut ihr komödiantisches Talent unter Beweis. On the third day, Esther goes to the courtyard in front of the king's palace, and she is welcomed by the king, who stretches out his sceptre for her to touch, and offers her anything she wants "up to half of the kingdom". [19], Dianne Tidball argues that while Vashti is a "feminist icon", Esther is a post-feminist icon. While Ahasuerus is in the garden, Haman throws himself at Esther's feet asking for mercy. Schauspielerei ist aber nicht ihr einziges Talent: Auch als Moderatorin, Comedian, Synchronsprecherin, Sängerin und Model hat sich Joyce bereits einen Namen gemacht. Esther asks that the entire Jewish community fast and pray for three days before she goes to see the king; Mordecai agrees. Upon returning from the garden, the king is further enraged.

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